3D-Printed Skull Implant Ready for Operation

3D printing technology has helped replace 75 percent of a patient’s skull with the approval of U.S. regulators.

The 3D-printed implant can replace the bone in people’s skulls damaged by disease or trauma, according to Oxford Performance Materials. The company announced it had received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its skull implant on Feb. 18 — a decision that led to the first U.S. surgical operation on March 4.


The Maker Movement Disrupts Brands,Provides Opportunities

Jeremiah Owyang of Crowd Companies identifies how those involved in the maker movement are creating their own goods and products, using recycled materials, or improving on existing products. Some are selling the goods to each other, some trade, and some simply just use for their own personal usage. They use technology, skill, community, and massive fairs to connect and grow.

The lineage of how the maker movement is disrupting brands are as follows:

1) The Internet democratized knowledge
2) Social Media empowered crowd
3) Collaborative Economy endows crowd to buy once, share many
4) the Maker Movement aims at buying from brands no more.